Sunday, January 18, 2009

What on earth is that noise???

The hubby was sitting in our basement watching a movie, generally minding his business and not doing a thing to bother anybody else, when he suddenly heard a loud, persistent, somewhat disturbing noise... coming from behind the drywall... it almost reminded him of a... waterfall??

He crept forward to investigate only to receive a harsh wake up call as he approached what sounded like the source of the noise. His feet were soaking wet... as was the carpet!

Yes, dear friends. We had a pipe burst. Oh joy, oh rapture. Being the inexperienced homeowners we are we ran around like the Keystone Cops for a good 5 minutes (at least) trying to figure out which red knob to turn to TURN. IT. OFF. Phone calls were made (sorry for waking y'all up!), and eventually the hubby ran a couple doors down to beg rescue from our "handier" neighbor. He ran (literally) over, and turned off the correct pipe!

It could have been MUCH worse. Praise God the hubby was actually still awake and in the basement so that we caught it as quickly as we did!

Plumbers, and drywallers, and air blowers... oh my!