Thursday, January 15, 2009

Busy, busy!

What?? It’s been a week since my last post?? Where does the time go?

Let’s see… what’s been going on…. We took down the Christmas decorations last weekend. Is anyone with me on this: I think this is the most depressing annual task I perform. Ugh. However, there is one undeniable plus. As Leah so eloquently put it the next morning when we came downstairs: “Oh WOW mommy! We have a BRAND NEW HOUSE!! YIPPEE!!” :)

I’ve also begun my first interior project of 2009: Re-doing the Master Bathroom. It’s going to be sooo nice to have this done! I’m not changing out cabinets, or counters; it will all be cosmetic. Paint, accessories, new curtains, new rug(s). Here are the “before” pics (yes, we did have a curtain up, and yes, all of our personal effects have been removed from the space):

As you can see, it is very… vanilla. It might be a while before I post my “after” pics…. There is one thing I want to do that I cannot do myself, and I’m not sure when our family friend (who happens to be a fabulous roofer and handyman) will be available to help me get it done… I don’t want to post the “after” pics until every detail is in place. Yes, yes…. The wait will be torture, I’m sure. Hehe.
On the stitching front, I continue to slowly progress in tortoise-like fashion on the Border Study in Non-Red. I’d say I’m about ½ done now. Here’s a progress pic:

There won’t be too much stitching going on until the bathroom is done. And, I’m afraid my 2009 stitching plan will have to wait until my next post (or the one after that, or the one after that)… I need to go do some painting! :)