Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year, New Blog


So, we finally got high speed internet at home, and I thought: “Hey, since I don’t have nearly enough things to fill up my free time I think I’ll start a blog!” I’ve been lurking on several really great blogs for a while now (see side bar), all of which relate to one or more of my interests. They have all inspired me in various ways, made me laugh, and just generally been a source of great enjoyment… so much so that I feel compelled to participate in the blogiverse!

So, dear reader, what should you expect from this brand new baby blogger? Welllll… I’m not really sure! :)

Definitely progress pics of current projects (once I get myself set up in Picasa)… one note of warning: I am in awe of the rapidity with which many of you finish your WIPs! And I am definitely a very (to put it politely) S-L-O-W stitcher. So slow in fact, that although I could swear I finished a couple stitching projects in ’08, I can’t think of a single one! Umm, yeah. I have a theory, though. From late Jan. thru late March, I worked feverishly on a BAP for my mom (Gentle Strength – still not finished, by the way), and got a serious case of burn out. Well, by that time Spring had rolled around and I gave in to the urge to indulge another passion – gardening. That lasted until Fall when I started my first quilt (for my daughter). I finished the quilt Christmas morning at 4:30am. So, anyway, yes, not a single x-stitch finish in ’08. Maybe I’ll have an epiphany though, and remember one.

I’ll probably also torture you every so often with tales about my 3.5yo (going on 16) daughter, Leah. These will, of course, be absolutely fascinating and entertaining little tales in my mind (b/c of course my child is the smartest, most beautiful, funniest, blah blah blah… and besides - why else would I feel compelled to share?), but I warn you now – something may get lost in the translation.

Seriously though, and to try to wrap up this first post (oh yes, yet another warning – I can be seriously long winded… in case you hadn’t noticed)…

With this blog I plan to:

~In the cooler “indoor” months: Post progress updates & pics of current x-stitch, needlepoint, quilting, and home improvement/ decor projects.

~In the warmer “outdoor” months: Post progress pics of my ever evolving garden (which, honestly, currently consists of a v. small front bed [we have a TH], and a slightly larger bed in our postage stamp sized back yard). I have fabulous plans for turning the back yard into a garden oasis for the hubby & I (and friends) to enjoy this summer… ummm… we’ll see if hubby stays on board with those plans once real $$ are discussed. :) Hopefully stitching progress pics as well.

~In all months: Post about books that I particularly enjoy. Especially series I get addicted to (current obsession: The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. O.M.G. Don’t let me get started. I’d be here all day). And as mentioned above, occasional tales of the deeds of my little cutie pie.

I think that’s about as ambitious as I should be right now. :)

So, welcome, and I hope you enjoy my blog!