Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Introducing Roscoe Balthazar Wright

Hi there everyone! Long time no blog, eh? Well, I have a super cute excuse - our new baby boy Roscoe. Here he is - looking all cute and regal...Leah & I had been begging for a kitten for a while (we were a two kitty family until my sweet Socrates passed away from CRF about two yrs ago at the age of 18... I got him as a wee babe and he gave me a lot of good years) and my anniversary gift was the agreement that I could go on the prowl. So, to Petfinder I went - and found this sweet boy at our local animal control center. Leah and I went Wednesday evening to meet him, then Ken went Thursday and turned in the application. We brought him home on Saturday morning and have been busy falling in love with and getting to know each other.
He is about 7 months old, and cute as can be. Still very playful and entertaining. We've sat playing with him for well over an hour w/o even realizing it. Our older cat, Midnight (yes, also black) isn't too sure if he wants to play with or get rid of the little pest*, but gets less and less pissy with Roscoe by the minute. I'm pretty sure they'll be chasing each other around and snuggling up together in no time.

So, anyway, preparing for the new boy kept me busy last week (I mean, we couldn't possibly bring a new baby home without buying a plethora of toys, kitty beds, new food, a super cute collar, brushes for that gorgeous coat, etc. etc.) and bonding with him has kept me happily busy this week.

I haven't put a single stitch into Wheels since my last post... partially b/c I've been busy loving up on our new boy, and partially b/c it is a serious mojo stealer.

So, although I could regale you with tales of some gorgeous things I've seen (my step mom was showing me some bee-autiful silk ribbon embroidery, and some sigh worthy things in a mag called Inspirations (ever seen it? It's ridiculously expensive - from Australia, I believe - and has seriously drool worthy embroidery - and an adorable thimble holder cross stitch pattern my SM copied for me - I think I might have to finagle my way into a subscription), and a super cool little gadget called a "Spinster" (which is used to really easily make perfect twisted decorative cording - for ornaments, pillows, etc. - out of simple DMC floss, and which I, of course, had to have immediately - thus a little hop to to buy it), I will restrain myself... uhh... wait... I didn't, did I? I just rambled on and on and on... with way too many parentheses and hyphens... sorry about that. :)

That's it for now. Hopefully next time I post I'll have a progress pic and maybe even a new start. Thanks so much for your comments and your birthday wishes! I so love hearing from my blogging cohorts. Happy stitching, and enjoy the rest of your week! ~Robin

*A special note for all you kitty owners out there - Don't worry. We are being very careful in introducing the boys - Roscoe stays in "his room" when we aren't home, and if he seems to be getting on Midnight's last nerve, we put him in there as well.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Remember Me?

Hi there! So, it's been a busy week... My birthday was Friday - got a lovely Vera Bradley bag that I will use to cart smaller projects around, a gift card to Sephora (which was promptly spent, thank you very much... if I ever got around to making a "Robin's Top 5 Favorite Stores" list that store would def. be #2), and my dh surprised me with dinner at the Melting Pot with a couple we are close friends with - Yummy!!! Saturday was a v. lazy day, then we met my dad, stepmom, brother & his gf for dinner. It was very nice. Sunday we went to see my MIL - she is doing SO much better!! Then Monday it was back to work and prepping for my anniversary (#8 - Wow the time goes by so fast, doesn't it??) which was Tuesday. I got the dh a really good fondue pot (an electric one w/ adjustable temperature and a ceramic insert so as not to scorch cheese and chocolate fondues). It was promptly put to good use - we made a cheese fondue for the appetizer, and a deelish broth which we used to cook some fab filet mignon.

The last time I stitched on Wheels was Monday evening. Here's where I am with it:

It seems to be going a bit more quickly this time (I suspect that is because I have abandoned the "backstitch as I go" plan)... but not as quickly as I'd like. :) Unfortunately, lunches in the past week have been spent running errands, so I haven't had a chance to start Mr. Abbott as yet. Hopefully next week - b/c I still have a couple days' worth of lunch time errands to run and only one free lunch hour to do it in... hmmm.

Now, I'm no tease, but I will say that in the next few days I will have an exciting announcement to make (well, exciting for my household, anyway). :)

OK... I'm going totally OT here... I just can't help myself - WARNING: If you are a viewer of the best show on TV (LOST - of course) and have not watched tonight's ep yet (entitled "Dead Is Dead") - Stop. Reading. Now. Come back after this para is over. O.M.G. I don't think I breathed for about 10 minutes after this ep was over. I may have actually passed out. I think this may go down as the best LOST ep ever... at the very least, the best ep since S1. Ben. Desmond. Smokey. Locke. Alex. Holy... I... He... It... I'm sorry... It seems I am still unable to put two coherent thoughts together in regards to tonight's ep. I just... wow. If you've never watched the show... start. Don't try to jump in this season... Netflix, beg, borrow or steal the DVDs in order, then join us for the final season next January. Trust me. It's amazing. This show is simply amazing - it's the smartest thing I've ever ever watched on TV (yeh, documentaries don't count, okay?)... the literary references, references to theories of physics, philosophy, religion. Phew. It's the sort of show you can watch "on the surface" and thoroughly enjoy, or you can be a total freak like me and visit DarkUFO to read recaps and theories from folks waaay smarter than I am. OK. I'm done. Sorry 'bout that, folks! Back to our regularly scheduled program.

Actually... I think that's about it for tonight. :) Thank you so much, ladies, for your lovely comments re: Mrs. Abbott!! It was like unwrapping my fave candy (Almond Roca, BTW) each time a new one popped up. Until next time... Happy stitching!! ~Robin