Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Day Part Deux - Cute Overload

Wuzzup my homeys?? Howz it hangin'? Are you ready for a pic heavy, word lite, cuteness loaded post? Good! Here goes!

First up, the lambs. They were so stinking cute and full of personality this year!! No real narrative for these, but I did come up with captions. :)

Yeeeee-haw!!!! We're FREEEEE!!!!

Holy sheep doo Sheeplets! What is THAT???

I so tired... just 5 more minutes, then I play cute more, 'kay?

What's up Doc?

The little guy below had been getting shoved aside by the rest of the herd during feeding time, and as a result became so weak, he pretty much can't move. So, he's separated and getting some extra TLC. Including loving from Miss Leah.

Next up, pics of Leah's very first "real, big girl" riding lesson. She was sooooo excited (can you tell from this pic??):

She did some practice in the indoor arena, then it was out the door to ride outside for the first time in her little life:

She did such a great job! I know I'm biased, but really... I've seen adults not steer and stop, then start again so well their first time out. It probably helps that a) she had been dreaming of that day for ages, and b) her brain is like a little sponge - all young and what not. ;)

Here are my two other favorite pics:

Can you tell she was enjoying the heck out of it? She is still at grandma's (I get to go get her on Friday - thank GOD!!! I knew I'd miss her, but my my my...) and having a grand ole time living the life of a farm girl (stay tuned at the end of the post for "Leah's Theory of Good Farm Girl Living"). Riding every day, playing with the dog and cats and lambs. Every kid's dream, right?

Mooooving on....

Maybe if I close my eyes, she'll be gone when I open them...

Here's the obligatory shot of Leah's best buddy Razz:

We wondered if he'd remember her again this year... sure enough we got there and after hugs and kisses for grandma, Razz was the first stop on Leah's "must do immediately" itinerary. He was eating his grain, so we figured that the likelihood he'd be interested in greeting her was slim to none. Ha! Goes to show what we know! She called him a few times, and over he came. Pretty cute.

And what farm would be complete without flowers??

Daisies aren't my favorites in the garden (Not that I don't like them! I do!), but I sure do think they're the happiest looking flowers!

Just a cool looking dead tree...

And my favorite early summer flower, the peony...

And that brings us to... "Leah's Theory of Good Farm Girl Living"....
Let me set the scene. Per grandma's request Leah is helping in the barn by raking up the hay that got in the aisleway during chores. Our good family friend and farm helper, Marty, comes in and asks Leah how she's doing... and a theory is born:

Marty: How's it going, Leah?
Leah: Good.
Marty: You're doing a good job raking up the hay... looks like you're turning into a pretty good farm girl, huh?
Leah: Uh-huh. (Looks up at Marty). Mr. Marty? When I grow up I'm going to be a farm girl, but I'm not doing chores and raking and all this other stuff.
Marty: Well, then who will take care of the animals and the farm?
Leah: My servants.
Marty: Servants? What servants?
Leah: My mom.

Well, that's all I've got right now, folks! I've gotten some things done in the craft room, but not as much as I thought I would with my evenings being "free". But enough to make a pretty "busy" crafting post, so I'll save it for next time.

Once again, thanks so much for your comments! I know you are all busy, so it really makes it extra special when I (maybe a tad obsessively) check for comments and see that I've got a new one. :)

Have a fantastic week everyone!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Part 1 - The Outing

Hey there everybody!

Well, I am back from Michigan and I've gotta tell ya - we had such a wonderful, full weekend it's gonna take two (or more??) posts to cover everything.

Let's start with my day out with Deb and Terri, shall we?? We were having so much fun together we only got one picture as we were leaving the last stop of the day:

From Left to Right: Deb, Terri, Moi. A special "shout out" to Deb for allowing me to post her picture. She normally shies away from photo posting (I think it has something to do with the paparrazi) but graciously allowed me to post this shot so I could "prove" she was with us... thanks, Deb!! Are you happy with the way your pic turned out?? ;)

Seriously, though. These two ladies are fantastic! So friendly, and funny, and sweet, and stylish, and funny, and sweet... Did I mention funny and sweet? They are exactly as you would imagine they are based on their blog posts. We had so much fun chatting and laughing it up in Terri's car (thanks for driving, Terri!), there wasn't a single lull in the conversation, or any awkward moments - you would think we'd known each other forever... which makes sense, given we already were friends, don't you think? It was a great day, and they put the icing on the cake by bringing gifts just for me. :)

First up is this wonderful pincushion and strawberry (with scissors!!) that Terri made for me:

Aren't they darling?? Thank you SO much, Terri! Your creations are on my table, right where I can see and use them. :) Roscoe thought they were cute, too. I tried repeatedly to get this photo without his assistance (note his little paw pointing out the charms of the strawberry), but to no avail and so I decided to just go with it.

Next up is the lovely package from Deb (once again, Roscoe is delighting in my good fortune... or it might be plotting which items he'll confiscate for himself. And who could blame him??):

She gifted me with this wonderful little tower shelf, and stuffed it with goodies! A sheepie scissor fob/ pin keep complete with scissors, a lambie covered measuring tape (and where might the measuring tape protrude from?? I'll leave that up to your imagination, hehe!), a delicious (blue to match my room) "rain" scented soy candle, some yummy fabrics in the same flavor as my room, and some sweet little blue buttons. Thank you, Deb!! These are gracing my room in very prominent locations!

Aren't these two just so kind? I think so, too.

We spent the day quilt shop hopping, and antique shopping. I got some really cute things!! First up, the antiques:

I got this great antique walnut frame (Nice and deep front & back. Perfect for some stitchy piece), a large wooden and metal spool (wrapped with French General measuring "tape" - a find at one of the quilt shops - and some ric rac I found at the Antique Mall), a flower frog in a lovely bowl (thanks for finding this one, Terri!!), some adorable single serve salt & pepper shakers, a bone dish, a hemostat (gotta have that for those stuck needles), and a really cute little glass apothecary jar - it has this really cool rainbow sheen on the glass which made it especially irresistable (side note - while we were waiting in line, I was talking [with my hands, of course] and the lid on this jar flew off and hit the concrete floor. Miraculously, it didn't break. Note to self - no more talking while waiting to pay for something you're holding that is fragile!!). And, do you notice the little note pad? That was actually part of Deb's gift - I realized I left it out after I had all this set up, and just had to make sure it got included. Can you read what it says? "The bigger the handbag, the smaller your butt looks"!!! LOLOL!!! Love it!

Next up, my fabric/ quilty finds:

I am in total love/ fabric lust with the Fig Tree Quilt lines. Luscious. I wonder what I'll make??

One last thing (even though it isn't related to the MI trip). I got back to work today and my friend Melissa brought me a gift from her trip to CA. She found these fabulous socks in Carmel, and brought them back for me:

Are they awesome or what?? If my toenail polish wasn't drying, they'd be on my tootsies right now. :) Thanks again, Melissa!!
Well, that's it for tonight! Stay tuned for Memorial Day Part Deux (to include farm pics, and pics of Leah being a farm girl and during her first "real" riding lesson, flower pics, etc.).