Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Day Part Deux - Cute Overload

Wuzzup my homeys?? Howz it hangin'? Are you ready for a pic heavy, word lite, cuteness loaded post? Good! Here goes!

First up, the lambs. They were so stinking cute and full of personality this year!! No real narrative for these, but I did come up with captions. :)

Yeeeee-haw!!!! We're FREEEEE!!!!

Holy sheep doo Sheeplets! What is THAT???

I so tired... just 5 more minutes, then I play cute more, 'kay?

What's up Doc?

The little guy below had been getting shoved aside by the rest of the herd during feeding time, and as a result became so weak, he pretty much can't move. So, he's separated and getting some extra TLC. Including loving from Miss Leah.

Next up, pics of Leah's very first "real, big girl" riding lesson. She was sooooo excited (can you tell from this pic??):

She did some practice in the indoor arena, then it was out the door to ride outside for the first time in her little life:

She did such a great job! I know I'm biased, but really... I've seen adults not steer and stop, then start again so well their first time out. It probably helps that a) she had been dreaming of that day for ages, and b) her brain is like a little sponge - all young and what not. ;)

Here are my two other favorite pics:

Can you tell she was enjoying the heck out of it? She is still at grandma's (I get to go get her on Friday - thank GOD!!! I knew I'd miss her, but my my my...) and having a grand ole time living the life of a farm girl (stay tuned at the end of the post for "Leah's Theory of Good Farm Girl Living"). Riding every day, playing with the dog and cats and lambs. Every kid's dream, right?

Mooooving on....

Maybe if I close my eyes, she'll be gone when I open them...

Here's the obligatory shot of Leah's best buddy Razz:

We wondered if he'd remember her again this year... sure enough we got there and after hugs and kisses for grandma, Razz was the first stop on Leah's "must do immediately" itinerary. He was eating his grain, so we figured that the likelihood he'd be interested in greeting her was slim to none. Ha! Goes to show what we know! She called him a few times, and over he came. Pretty cute.

And what farm would be complete without flowers??

Daisies aren't my favorites in the garden (Not that I don't like them! I do!), but I sure do think they're the happiest looking flowers!

Just a cool looking dead tree...

And my favorite early summer flower, the peony...

And that brings us to... "Leah's Theory of Good Farm Girl Living"....
Let me set the scene. Per grandma's request Leah is helping in the barn by raking up the hay that got in the aisleway during chores. Our good family friend and farm helper, Marty, comes in and asks Leah how she's doing... and a theory is born:

Marty: How's it going, Leah?
Leah: Good.
Marty: You're doing a good job raking up the hay... looks like you're turning into a pretty good farm girl, huh?
Leah: Uh-huh. (Looks up at Marty). Mr. Marty? When I grow up I'm going to be a farm girl, but I'm not doing chores and raking and all this other stuff.
Marty: Well, then who will take care of the animals and the farm?
Leah: My servants.
Marty: Servants? What servants?
Leah: My mom.

Well, that's all I've got right now, folks! I've gotten some things done in the craft room, but not as much as I thought I would with my evenings being "free". But enough to make a pretty "busy" crafting post, so I'll save it for next time.

Once again, thanks so much for your comments! I know you are all busy, so it really makes it extra special when I (maybe a tad obsessively) check for comments and see that I've got a new one. :)

Have a fantastic week everyone!!


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great pics, Robin but the cutest by far are of your beautiful Leah! She is just a doll - I so wish I had gotten to meet her! I like her philosophy - but, I'll bet you're already her servant, aren't you!? God, she is just so darn cute I can hardly stand it!!! She looks like one happy little gal living the farm life!

Deb said...

Oh my goodness, out of the mouths of babes! Love that little discussion between Marty and Leah! What a hoot. But you know you will be her servant at least until she leaves the nest. And she is just too adorable. Wonderful pictures. Life on the farm looks so Idyllic - probably isn't so, but it just looks so nice.

Love those adorable lambs. Which got me wondering, does your mom have the sheep sheared and does she have wool roving? Just wondering - that stuff is fantastic for pillow stuffers!

Anyway, love the pictures Robin!!

Catherine said...

Beautiful pics!! Your little farm girl will be breakin' many a heart!

Anonymous said...

I love me some farm animals and cute little girls! I milk goats at a friends farm several days a week, and one of the kids likes to lay his head on my lap and go to sleep while I milk- so dang cute!

Diane said...

Deb took the words right out of my mouth! Out of the mouths of babes, indeed! Just what I have always suspected, but my kids have never come right out and said it! LOL!

Siobhan said...

What fantastic pics!! My daughter is a horse lover. She plans on living on a farm and buying a horse that she will name Bubba. Note to self: Do not allow her to name her children. LOL Hey, you'll have to stitch Spot the Horse by CHS for Leah & do Minick & Simpson's Three Brothers Farm quilt for her, too. ;)

Sherry said...

Somehow I think we are servants the rest of their life, at least servant of the heart since we never stop thinking of them as our babies...isn't it funny how much you think you will get done with no child to love on for a week or weekend, then you miss them so much! Love the pics!

Berit said...

lol how cute EVERYTHING is! Leah looks SO grown up! 0_o

Looking forward to that crafty post. ;)

Andrea said...

Yes, I'm with Sherry, I think we're our kids servants their whole lives, or at least that's how they view us! lol!

Adorable pictures of the lamb babies and farm life but the cutest of course is little Leah! She's a doll!

Cari-in-VA said...

What great pics - sweet little lambs. But your Leah is the cutest of them all - she is just so darling and she looks like a total little charmer, lol. She must be to think that mom will be her servant - ah the innocence of childhood :-)

I bet you miss her terribly. My favorite times as a child were those weeks spent in MI with my grandparents - I treasure those memories.

Enjoy your weekend.