Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving (and Some Stitchy Stuff)!!

Hi, y'all! Howz it hangin'?

It's been a pretty busy couple of weeks in my neck of the woods... my company had their annual symposium, which went well... but far more exciting than that is - I went to see New Moon with a couple of my friends and maaan did we enjoy it. It had nothing at all to do with a certain Mr. Lautner and his rather amazing body. No, I did NOT just type that about a 17yo kid, lol!! It also had nothing to do with the always dreamy Robert Pattinson... nooo nooo... nothing at all to do with those lads. :) It was good and I did love it - even aside from them. I thought it was far better than the first. One of the more entertaining aspects of the whole experience? All the tweens (literally) screaming their little heads off every time Jacob showed up on screen, lol - my friends and I were cracking up! I can't wait to see Eclipse - I think I read that the release date will be June 2010? Wahoo!

OK, on to stitchy stuff... Stitching time has been rather limited in recent days (or should I say evenings since, unfortunately, I don't get paid to sit at my job and stitch! I wonder if I could work that somehow??) so I still haven't completed the ED Sampler, but here's where I am with it:

I think if I can get a solid few hours of stitching in, I can finish it. I'm really liking the way it is turning out!

And in honor of the Christmas spirit that has overtaken me (earlier than usual, I must say), I've started stitching up ornaments - this is the first one:

It's on 32 ct. linen, with the called for DMC - this is one of the Santas in the Prairie Schooler's Old World Santas II pattern leaflet. I'm not sure if any of these will make it into gifts - I'm actually a little nervous about the finishing (to make them into ornaments) so we'll have to see a) how many I can finish in a reasonable time, and b) if I can manage to not hose them entirely when I attempt to finish finish them

Well, that's all for me for now kids! As always thanks for your comments ladies!! I love getting and reading them!!

I hope you and your families have an absolutely splendid Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Start!

Hi there!

First things first: Thanks so much Deb, Terri, and Siobhan for your wonderful comments on my last two re-start posts. :) You ladies were always my most faithful commenters and it was so lovely to hear from you again right away. Thanks so much for welcoming me back into the bloggy fold so to speak. It's been great to catch up with all of you via reading your recent posts.

OK, on to new things. I worked on piecing my quilt for a while and got all the 4 patch blocks pieced (and all of my corners are perfect I am pleased to say!) but then I had to start the triangle pieces and got frustrated, so I decided I should put it on hold and re-start it at a later date. So, I picked up the Sampler Girl's Emily Dickinson Sampler. I had stitched most of the first two trees up at the top, and here is where I am now: (re-started 11/1):

I think I made a mistake with my fabric selection because unless you're looking at it in bright daylight you can barely see the green on the trees. Oh well... I refuse to frog it, lol!! :) This will go in Leah's room when it's done. I'm stitching it on 40 ct. linen with DMC.

I think the plan until Christmas is going to be to work on ED at home in the evenings after the wee child is in bed, and work on some Christmas ornaments during my lunch hours at work. We'll see how much I get done... then the finish finishing of those will be a whole new adventure, lol!

Not much else going on. I got Leah's Christmas pics done (I took her to a field in our neighborhood and took about 400 shots - overkill do you think?), so now I just have to pick out a couple to get printed up for family and friends. None of them will be posted here (although, my new profile pic is one of them) just in case a picture recipient reads the blog. Can't ruin the surprise, you know.

The weather was absolutely stunning here today and we went to the C&O canal aqueduct and tramped around on the trails and just had a glorious day in the great outdoors. Maybe I'll post a few of those pics in another post, because I did get some really pretty shots. That'll have to wait though at least until I get them off the camera and onto the PC.

This week I'm up for jury duty, and am off the hook for tomorrow, but we'll have to see what happens with the rest of the week. Maybe I'll be able to get caught up on some reading (I don't think I'd be able to take scissors and needle into the courthouse, sigh).

Alrighty kids, that's about all I've got this go 'round... Have a great week!!