Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In Other News...

First, our flood. We got the water turned off, and the carpet and padding peeled back. It appeared that the padding soaked up most of the water, so we called that a loss, ripped it up, and tossed it out the back door. We turned on our tiny little fan, and a couple space heaters to start to try to dry out the drywall (which was totally soaked) and carpet. Sunday morning the hubby went and rented one of those industrial blower-carpet-dryer-outer things. We stuck it under the carpet, and kept the heaters going and in this fashion got the drywall and carpet bone dry. The plumber came Tuesday morning to fix the pipe... would you believe that the crack that caused all that trouble was so small it was barely visible?? Yep. Really. Fortunately, it was only $100 to get it fixed. Sweet! So now we just need to go get some carpet padding at Lowes, tape it to the stuff that stayed dry, then rekick the carpet, and patch the drywall. Overall, the damage to our pocketbook will be unbelievably minimal. God is so faithful to us!! If Ken had decided to go to bed when he normally does, we would have gone downstairs in the morning to find water up to our eyeballs.

Next the master bathroom. It is nearly complete, and I must say it looks AMAZING!! My husband gave me the best compliment when he saw it done... I'll save it for when I post pics. All that is left to do is hang the light fixture, and put a couple more pieces of (as yet unpurchased) art on the wall.

Last but not least, stitching... Haven't done much since last week. I did spend a couple hours on Border Study last night but due to the nearly constant need to frog (remove and re-do stitches... think "rip it! rip it!"), and horribly tangling thread, I think I got about 40 or 50 stitches in. Maybe. Ah well. No more stitching til the weekend, probably.