Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is it possible to have too much fun??

We finally got some measurable snow here and when we got home this evening I decided that - even though I'm just about as sick as a dog - I couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity to take Leah sledding - her first time!!... At the rate we're going this winter, it could be another year before we get this much snow again. Sheesh! My theory is: If it's gonna be cold, we should at least get some snow as a (admittedly small) consolation so that a) we have something pretty to look at, and b) so my poor plants can have an extra blankie from the cold.

Anyway, I raced around the house grabbing gloves, hats, boots, snowsuits, etc. then spent 40 minutes (yes, really) blowing up our big honkin' sled. When we were just about ready Leah grabbed my face and said "Mommy, why are you so excited???" LOLOL!!!

We had a blast - my little munchkin is a daredevil just like her momma. Yes!! Hopefully this means I'll finally get a roller coaster riding partner in a few years! We went down a rather large, rather steep hill first, and she LOVED it! Let me tell you... we were smokin' on the way down. The only thing she didn't like was toward the bottom when the snow started spraying up into our eyes. That she didn't love so much. Later she convinced me to let her go down what she said was "just a little teeny tiny baby hill" all by herself. The 2nd, 3rd (& 4th) time she went down, she went head first. That's my girl!!! :)

We also had a snow fight and made a snow angel family (really, it was a tribe... I think there were like 6 mommies & daddies and about 12 kids!) on our way back to the house.

So, even though my health will certainly pay the price I am so glad I seized this opportunity and made this memory with my little girl... she probably will forget it in a few days, but I will cherish the memory of her cherry red cheeks, grinning face, sparkling-with-mischief eyes, and happy glow for a long long time to come.


Margie said...

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment! I have a lot of time to stitch so I get a lot done. :-) I love your Border Study - I've never seen that chart before.

Jacque said...

I mean to comment earlier, but am now making the time! : )

Your bathroom turned out beautifully and I'm envious of your snow fun!