Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hallelujah!! It's finally here!!

What on earth am I talking about?? Surely something momentous! Surely something that will have far reaching effects felt across the globe! Surely something that could alter life as we know it!

Uhh... actually... it's a TV show. Yeah. Really.

LOST!!!!! Season 5!! TWO HOUR premiere!!! TONIGHT!!! The 8 month wait is finally OVER!!! WAHOO!!!

For the uninitiated... well, I'm not sure I can explain. But, I LOVE this show! There has never been a show on TV that is absolutely do or DIE viewing for me (OK, except Days of Our Lives when I was in junior high... but does that really count?? I think not.).... Did I mention I love Lost?

I'm addicted. Totally, irrevocably addicted. I love all the strands of mystery that make up the storyline. The blend of complex characters, sci fi, hard science, literary references, nods to pop culture... I think the part that has me hooked though, is that every week, the strands of the show get more and more closely woven. In May of 2010 the strands will finally be woven into one coherent thread. Until then, I will thoroughly enjoy wallowing in all the possibilities for how it will all play out.

Just 8 more hours til my blissed out state can begin!! Well, if I can get the munchkin to STAY in her bed, that is! :)