Monday, May 18, 2009

A Finish and a Start

Yay!!! The Wheels announcement is finito!!! I “finished” it this Saturday evening, but I have to admit to one last minute snafu… When I was stitching his birth date I knew that his birth month was August. Really. I did. Really. Well, the date was a bit off center (sort of like me) and yesterday afternoon I was debating whether or not I should pull it out and restitch it. I’m sitting there thinking to myself “Self, the J needs to move over x number of spaces…” Uhhh…. Wait a minute. August does not CONTAIN a “J”… wtf?? So, I looked at it and yes, for some bizarre reason I had stitched January instead of August. Ummm... Yeah, so I’ve never been accused of being the brightest bulb in the pack, okay?

I started Mr. Abbott last night, and here is where I am:

I’ve already made one error that is just going to have to stay put… you see the few stitches about half way up on the right hand side of his body? Those stitches aren’t supposed to be there. I’ve decided they will be an elbow. Don’t ask… no idea where my head was, lol!! Here's the model photo:

Leah and I made a trip to our previously unvisited LNS – The Stitching Post – on Saturday. It was very very nice. Awesome, HUGE store. I picked up a few patterns (more on that in a few seconds), a bit of fabric, and some wool (I’m going to work out a monogrammed needlepoint pillow for Leah – at some point). We were there for about an hour and a half, and Leah was an absolute angel. Yes, friends, for the first time in my mommyhood, I resorted to bribery (i.e. if you are an angel, I will get you blah bitty blah) and it worked!
I got a couple of really gorgeous sampler patterns:

John Foster:

and Janet Gibson's Scottish Swan Sampler:

Funny thing about this was that when I saw it my first thought was Oh, that is just GORGEOUS! I MUST have it! Then on the way home, I started thinking… you know… I think I’ve seen that somewhere before. Sure enough, when I read Glenna’s most recent post, there was her progress pic. Ah well.

I think someone may be working on John Foster as well, but I’m not sure (my memory is really going down the drain)… I could have just seen it a couple times in my web meanderings

Tomorrow I have scheduled a day off from work for myself – the girl child is going to day care, and I am plopping myself in my stitchy seat with a juicy audiobook (no idea what, yet) and fully intend to finally get the full on numb butt experience.

Thanks very much for your kind comments about my little doll – I read them all to her, and she is now convinced that she is a famous person with her own fan club, lol!! Seriously, she was delighted by your comments, and so was I – so thank you for making both our days!

I will try to post again tomorrow evening to show off my progress on Mr. Abbott… until next time, happy stitching!


Vonna said...

What lovely starts and new choices for new starts! Joanie is doing (or may have finished) John, I believe :)

Deb said...

How funny about stitching January instead of August. I hate to tell you that I've done things like that before too. We're only human, right? Love your stitched piece. It's very cute. Also, absolutely love your new stash acquisitions! You're going to have a lot of stitching fun with those. And wanted to thank you for the post on my blog about the Jinny Beyer quilt. I couldn't find your email so thought I'd comment here. That Windows quilt is gorgeous, but I think that one I'll stay away from. I have discovered my limitations with her quilts - as I get older the brain cells tend to burn out, and that one looks like a killer - a beautiful killer though. I have one waiting to be cut out called Sumatra. It's in beautiful teals and fushias. Anyway, can't wait to see your start on one of your new stash acquisitions!

The Scarlett House said...

John Foster has always been one of my favorite designs, but I don't even have it in my stash. I can't wait to see your progress.

Siobhan said...

Congrats on the finish!! And hey, you can always say that Mr. Abbott has a little extra junk in his trunk, and leave it at that. ;)

Love the new stash! I have had John Foster kitted up for over a year now and just haven't gotten to it yet. Hopefully I will sometime this year--it is so nice! Watching Glenna's progress on Janet has made me want to get that, too.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great finish on the trucks! I love Your Mrs. Abbot and can't wait to see Mr. come to life as well. Great new stash - I love John Foster and the swan sampler is very pretty, too. They'd both take me forever!!!!