Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Progress & A Trip

Hi there, everyone! I fully intended to post a progress pic last night, but, alas, I had embarassingly little progress to show considering I had the day off and no child at home all day. That's okay. I also got in a couple little naps, a little puttering around in the garden, and just an all around relaxing day. I really needed it! Below is my progress as of the end of my lunch hour today:

I think Mr. Abbott is going much more quickly than his Mrs. did... so far. However, my progress on him is about to come to a grinding halt b/c tonight and tomorrow night I'll be prepping the family for our trip to my mom's.

She lives in MI on a farm and Leah is sooo excited. She's been asking "Is it warm yet?" since Christmas. Then when we realized she wasn't really getting the whole weather thing we started telling her we would go after her birthday. She woke up the morning after her birthday and I swear the first words out of her mouth were "Are we going to grandma's today?" Now she keeps telling us how strong she is so that she can help grandma with chores. To illustrate her point she shows us how big her muscles are - she hefts up her arm, points her elbow at us, pats it and says "This muscle is STRONG!!" Ha!

Hopefully I'll get some stitching time in on the drive there and back - the hubby is coming along this time, so I won't have to drive, yeehaw!! - as long as I don't get car sick. My husband totally jinxed me on that one... ahhh the power of suggestion. I had been able to read in the car my whole life with no problem whatsoever. Until... we were driving down the highway on our honeymoon and I was flipping through a magazine. I had been doing so for about 45 minutes. With no problem. Well, he looks over and says "Doesn't that make you sick?" I said "No, I've never gotten car sick." About 5 minutes later I had a case of nausea that I swear to this day rivalled morning sickness. That was 8 years ago. As of that moment, reading in the car was just something I could not do. I've been strategizing lately, though, and have managed to successfully read magazines in the car as long as I wait to start until we are on a good highway (i.e. not curvy or hilly), so here's hoping... because we are usually way too busy during the day while I'm at my mom's to do anything that entails sitting for more than a few minutes.

I probably won't get a chance to post while we're there, but should have some cute farm (baby animals anyone?) and Leah pics. Mom said she's getting a lamb every other day right now, and there are a few still "to go" so Leah may even be able to see a baby lamb be born. How cool would that be (Yeh, you learn the facts of life at a very early age on a farm)?? I don't think my husband has ever seen an animal born either, so it would be cool for him, too.

Terri, and Deb (I hope your oral surgery went well!!), I'll wave atcha as we pass through your towns (thank goodness we'll be getting through Rochester in the middle of the night - traffic nightmare is the most apt phrase that comes to mind during the day).

Thanks for your comments re: my finish, my progress and my stash... I think John Foster may be higher on the "to stitch" list than he was when I bought him... and is continuing to rise rapidly through the ranks. I keep taking him out and looking at him and saying weird things like "my precious..."... or not. ;)

Well, if I don't get back to blogland before the holiday, I hope you and yours have a marvelous time honoring the men and women that serve(d) our nation!!



Vonna said...

I do hope that your trip is safe and I know you'll have LOADS of good fun!

Mr. Abbott is just sailing along! The more I see these the more I think I want them :)

Deb said...

Robin, you are so definitely correct about the traffic nightmare going through Rochester - such a great town, but seriously in need of some road improvement! I guess they're trying to keep it "quaint". What city are you going to? There is so much farmland just north of here.

Hope you have no trouble with stitching on the trip. It's always the way with the power of suggestion. That almost identical thing happened to my son when he was reading - DH opened his mouth and about 15 minutes later.... LOL

BTW, you're making great progress on your Mr. Abbot too. Hope you have a wonderful trip!!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Hey Robin! If you want to stop for a break along the way, shoot me an email! Roads all around here are awful but they are working on them. You know - I can not read a bit in the car - not two words but I can stitch - go figure!

Mr. Abbot looks great - I really love those and may have to do them one of these days!

Have a safe and wonderful trip!!!

Glenna said...

Have a wonderful trip! I've never seen a lamb being born either! And John Foster? Oh, my yessss. I can't believe I don't have him, but I'll stitch him vicariously through you!

Love to Stitch said...

Wow, you are making some great progress! Mr. & Mrs. Abbott is a great design, lost in the shuffle! Nice to see it coming alive and I look forward to seeing more progress!! Keep it up!