Monday, May 11, 2009

It's all over but the backstitching, baby!!

Yeeeeehaaaw!!!! I've got 3 or 4 more evening sessions of backstitching to do then this one is in the bag! Score!! :)

The name looks a little like Owen is drooping on the right hand side, but if you look at the bottom of the stitches they are all on the same row (really... I swear). I think it's because the "n" is shorter than all the other letters. And, it's slightly off center. My bad, but by the time I realized it I had already completely stitched the outline of both names, and there was no way I was frogging it all. Besides... I've convinced myself it isn't really that noticeable. It looks like the names are too far up, but Paul's birth date will be stitched in underneath, so that will balance itself out in the end. There is supposed to be a checkery type of border around the whole thing, but I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do that part. We'll see. I probably will... I'm too much of a rule follower.

So! This chart has definitely knocked me down a time or two, but it has not knocked me out.

Haven't made a final decision yet as to what I will stitch next, but I have decided one thing - it will be small(ish). The next couple things I do probably will be. I'm thinking Diminutive Dutch (Carriage House Samplings) first, then another small one. We'll see. I noticed a real pattern as I looked through my stash the other night. For a woman that doesn't have a whole lot of stitchy time (not unless I stay up waaay past my bed time, that is), I sure tend to pick some seriously big projects. Yeh, just let me live on in my little delusionary world, k?

What else is going on... we finally got some sunshine after a week and a half (I think it really was that long) of non-stop rain. And we aren't talking the "Sunny, except for 45 minutes in the afternoon" sort of rain. No, this lasted pretty much all day every day. I know it actually rains more in May than April here, but sheesh! I never really understood why the suicide rate in Seattle (and other really rainy places) is higher than the national average... now I do! By the end I was really edgy. Really really edgy. My husband hid the knives. OK, no, he really didn't, but he would agree, I'm sure, that it was a dang good thing the sun finally came out! Leah and I tremendously enjoyed the weather this weekend. Playground, flowers, sunshine... aaaah. Doesn't get much better. Of course, now the rain is back, and so is the cold. Ah well. It can't last forever (however, if it goes on this way much longer I've got a little nugget of moolah set aside for some gopher wood - can I interest any of you ladies in joining me?).

Well, I hope all you fellow moms had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Well, I'm off now... oh... wait... ummmm... I should warn you all now... the next time I post I'm going to be needing some serious moral support from you ladies. You see, it's that time. The time of year when 9 agonizing months yawn before me with a toothy, scary, open maw of terror. I will be desolate. I will be depressed. I will wander around muttering nonsensical terms like "Faraday cage. What happened happened. Live together die alone." I will go find my happy place and curl into the fetal position and gaze blankly into space for disturbingly long periods of time.

**Right now, Robin's dear readers are concerned that an intervention may need to be staged, and are wondering what she can possibly expect them to be able to do about her seriously unstable mental condition**

OK, so it won't be quite that bad, however, I can nearly guarantee it will be about 50%... ok 10% as bad as the picture I painted above. What the H-E-double hockey sticks is she babbling about??

Lost's season finale is on Wednesday. It won't be back until February 2010. The Season 5 DVDs don't come out until December 8th. And, unfortunately for me, Lost doesn't have your typical season ending cliff hangers. Noooo. "Did they get married? Did she/he/it die?" Those sorts of cliffhangers aren't nearly cliff hangery enough for Lost's writers. No. Typically it goes something like this: The final Lost gong sounds. I stare blankly into space. For like an hour. Then I cry out something along the lines of "How the freak will there even be a show after that????" Aaaaaarrrgggh!!! I'd like to take a baseball bat to whomever came up with this scheme. Really. I mean. Ugh.

Yes, I realize this sounds totally pathetic (get a freakin' LIFE Robin, come on!!), but you must understand. Lost is the ONLY TV show I watch. At all. OK, so I watched something on HGTV last night while I folded a load of laundry. Does that really count?? I don't think so.

Anyway, bottom line... umm... I have no idea where I was going with that whole rant, lol! See? It's starting already.

Anyway, let me get off here before I get swallowed up into the pit of despair (a non-prize for anyone that can name the movie reference). If you've read this far, thanks!! You're a trooper! If you're not reading... well, for those folks I really don't need to type anything, now do I? :)

Thanks for reading, thanks SO MUCH for your comments, and until next time - happy stitching!!!



Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Oh, come on Robin! Be a rule breaker - Paul's little sampler looks great as it is! It's really cute and honestly, I didn't think the 'n" looked droopy at all. Great job!!!

Sorry about Lost - maybe something else will catch your fancy or you can find a new series on DVD's to watch. Not at all like "Lost" but have you watched "The Gilmore Girls"? GREAT series and I have them all on DVD and just love 'em. Smart, funny writing and it might keep you busy till the Fall.

The Scarlett House said...

I'm glad that you got that bad boy almost done. It's very cute.
Sorry, I can't relate to your despair over Lost, but I feel the same way about my favorite show, Friday Night Lights.

Deb said...

I think that your sampler is absolutely adorable! And I can't relate either over the Lost despair - I barely watch TV - it's on, but I never pay attention to it.