Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Touch & Go

Hi there everybody! This is going to be a quick - a "touch & go" - post (see the end of this post re: "touch & go")...

Not much going on, really, pretty much just day in day out kind of stuff... Leah is getting ready to start kindergarten in a couple weeks, so we're starting to get prepared for that. She's very excited to finally be able to go to "big girl school".

I have recently been bitten by the PhotoShop (Elements) bug... again - i.e. I've been drowning myself in tutorial videos, blogs, etc. trying to figure out how to use the advanced features to make my photos really fab, so there hasn't been a whole lot of stitching going on, but here is what I've done in the last few weeks:
Another Prairie Schooler Olde World Santa:

And some progress on The Blessing:

I also kitted up Olga (Plum Street Samplers) over the weekend and can't wait to start it. Someone (who prefers to remain anonymous) RAK'd the pattern to me, and I was overjoyed because I was going to "be good" for the sake of my wallet and not get her right away. She is just adorable! I can't wait to have her out when fall comes! Speaking of Fall... is anyone else ready for a break from the brutal heat?? Yeesh!

Okay, that's it for me (see, told ya it would be quick!), I'm going to get back to wrestling PSE into compliance. :)

Thanks for all of your comments on my last post!! I am always so glad to hear from you all! The notification "ping" on my phone is music to my ears. :) I was caught up on commenting on Sunday, but have since fallen behind... sorry!!! I'll get caught up very soon, I promise! Oh! And I notice I've gained a couple new followers! Welcome!

Okay, check ya later peeps!!

*Touch & Go: Okay, I'm an Air Force brat, so when I was trying to think of a clever title to convey that this post would be a quick one, I thought of watching fighter jet "touch & go" maneuvers as a kid. Now we weren't usually close enough to actually see the jets' tires hit the runway, but usually we could see them dip below view, and then lickety split streak back up again. It was very very cool, esp. for jet obsessed kids. :) As kids it didn't occur to us that the pilots weren't just having some fun. These were real drills for pilots that could find themselves in a hostile situation at any moment when deployed.


Laurie in Iowa said...

Congrats on finishing another PS Santa. Very sweet.
Oh yes, Emma, Owen and I are very tired of the excessive heat... bring on the cooler weather, please.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Your PS santa is jus fabulous!!! I love it! Your other WIP is really coming along nicely, too.

Are you and Leah shopping for all kinds of B2S goodies/clothes? How fun! I know she's going to have a blast.

Sherry said...

bittersweet, it is, when the kiddos go off to big kid school. Mine is heading off to the final year (God willing) this year...yeah, some tears will fall again during this senior year. Enjoy - as it does fly! Love the progress shots - and love the touch and go...

Katrina said...

Love your stitchy pics!!! Everything is so pretty :-).

I can totally relate to the touch and go, I am an Air Force brat too. My dad was an air traffic controller so we always lived close to the flight line :-).

Deb said...

Love the PS Santa. I've got a few of those and have never stitched a one of them up. I had visions of doing them in needlepoint, but you know where that idea went - out the window! LOL

Love your progress on the Blessing too. I really like her designs quite a bit. Okay, now I don't even know what Olga looks like so I'm going to have to go on the hunt and see what you're going to be starting!

Jan said...

The PS Santa is a neat one, Robin!! And Blessings is coming together so beautifully, congrats on that progress!!

Here is hoping Leah has an exciting first day of kinder and every day after!! Those early memories are so important, don't you think?

Love your explanation at the end!!

The French Bear said...

Gorgeous work, I am impressed! I love the Santa!!!
Margaret B

Berit said...

Nice! You know I just love Santa's candle, and congrats on the Olga Rak!

Brigitte said...

I love these PS Santas so much. A great little finish!
Very nice progress on The Blessing.