Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Move Along Folks; Nothing to See Here, Nothing to See...

No really... nothing to show for my (nearly 2 week?) hiatus. This'll be quick. :)

I've done a tiny bit of stitching, some more piecing on my quilt, and - most importantly - bid a fond (and incredibly teary... okay, I wept like a baby multiple times during the finale) farewell to the show that was the ONLY reason we got cable TV - LOST. Last week was incredibly consumed with the build up to this event. It's a little pathetic, really... Tuesday was the penultimate episode, and when it was over I was "done" for the night... couldn't think about anything else. Thursday evening I actually paid money to go sit in a movie theater and watch an interview with the creators/ head writers of the show and, again, was useless for the rest of the night (are you getting an idea of my level of devotion to and love for this show??), then Sunday from 7pm until 11:30pm I was on the couch with lots of tissue watching the recap special and the final broadcast. If it weren't for the Redskins (DH's blood runs burgundy & gold) I would happily call Comcast and pull the plug right now. :)

But! Now I'm back, I have my Tuesday nights back and I can promise you this - there are several great posts headed your way after the Memorial Day Weekend.

*SPOILER ALERT* - Don't read further if you like being surprised by blog post topics. :)

Coming Soon to a blog near you (uh... this blog):

- Headed to MI to see my mama over the Memorial Day Weekend - farm pics and Leah pics will be included

- On Saturday I will spend the day antiquing and quilt shop hopping with our beloved and FAB-u-lous bloggers Deb and Terri - recap to follow (to include any hilarity that ensues)

- Stitching progress

- Quilt progress

- A couple "other" projects I've worked on recently

Have a wonderful Memorial Day and remember to take a moment (or more) to remember those that have died to protect our right to barbecue, wear cutoff jeans, speak our minds, worship as we choose, and all the myriad other everyday little things we can sometimes take for granted.

Peace Out my homeys! See you on the flip side!


The French Bear said...

Have a nice weekend and hopefully some stitching will be involved!!! You sound like my son over "Lost", he tried numerous times to explain the show to me....sorry, I just didn't connect. It looked interesting but after the first few minutes I got confused and went back to my knitting.
Margaret B

The Scarlett House said...

Well, I've never been a follower of the show, but I have a Grandson named Sawyer. My dil loves the show. Does that count?
Enjoy your trip, and have fun antiquing.

Glenna said...

LOL about Lost. Don't get it--watched it for the first season, then wandered off and never returned. I REALLY don't get the devotion to the Redskins! Hee--heresy! But I can't wait to see your post-holiday posts (you ladies are going to get up to some serious mischief I think). Have fun!

Melissa said...

Well, I have nothing to show either, stitching wise! I really miss it.

As to LOST, it's great when a show sparks such interest and passion. Now I am someone who does not watch much TV but hope one day to borrow the DVDs!

Have fun with Deb & Terri. I'm sure fun will be had by all!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Hope you have a great stitching weekend and are not to LOST in a single project.
Be always in stitches.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Glad you've recovered from your "Lost" days! Can't wait to see you - we are going to have a lot of fun!

Deb said...

Now you have me really wondering what I've been missing with Lost. Sad to say that I've never watched it - the TV is controlled by DH and kids, don't you know. Now I'm going to have to rent it and watch it - maybe in the fall.

Can't wait until Saturday - I think that we're going to have a lot of fun - and probably drop a few bucks!

Anonymous said...

I bawled like a big nancy boo-wah baby through the whole last hour! I'm SO glad I wasn't the only one. I loved how it ended, but didn't reallyend. So poignant....waaaaaaah!! Great show. :)

Sherry said...

Have a blast with Deb and Terri - they are a hoot. I belong to the Kindred Spirits Group that they belong to...I met TErri because I loved her haircut and crashed their table to ask her to pose for a few pics of her hair so I could try to duplicate...then they (Deb & Terri) completely hooked me on blogging...Enjoy Michigan while you're here - I'm sure you'll hit some of my fav quilt shops. Travel safe!

Jacque said...

Have a fabu time...take lots of pics!!

Berit said...

OMG how did I miss your last post!? I loved seeing your roses and that frog-holding pitcher is TDF! What a sweet story about Leah and the laundry. :)

Have a great time this weekend and looking forward to the Terri/Deb outing report and farm pics, too!

Siobhan said...

I bet you had a fabulous time--can't wait to read all about it! :)