Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who Has a New Toy? I Do!!

Hey there everybody!!

Apologies in advance for this post... I'm still fiddling around with photo layouts and uploading appropriately from Flickr, so if this comes out all wrong, I may have to delete it and re-post... with that in mind, I'm going to go easy on the wordiness just in case I have to re-post (*Note - I did, in fact, have to re-post, lol!!).

Not a whole lot has been happening in the Wright household... just your general day to day work and play.

Leah and I went to an Easter Egg hunt last weekend with one of her little friends from daycare and we had a blast. It was actually quite windy and chilly, but the girls didn't seem to mind - no pics from there, but stay tuned next week. We're going to the Mall and Tidal Basin in DC on Saturday (along with every tourist on the planet) with a small group my friends (and one of their daughters who is Leah's age) to get some shots of the monuments with the cherry blossoms, and enjoy what is supposed to be an absolutely spectacular day weather wise. So, maybe I'll have some pics to share from that jaunt.

Speaking of pics... I got an early birthday gift. :) It's something of a tradition in my house... my DH & I rarely manage to hold the gifts to each other as a surprise until the appropriate day. So, what did I get?? I got an awesome 100mm macro lens for my camera!!! Wahoo!!! I had been eyeing it for a while and saving my pennies, and mentioned it once to Ken as an offhand comment. Major points to him b/c he remembered. The day it came in, he got home from work and said "Would you like your birthday gift??" Silly man! Of course I would! My eyes about bulged out of their sockets when I saw the Canon box, lol!!

So, I've been playing around with it, and here are a few shots...

Tudor Rose scissors:

Sweet Roscoe:

And, of course I can't leave out stitchy macro shots, can I??

Here are a couple of not so close ups of where I am with Blessing:

That's it for me for this week... I am taking the day off on Friday (my gift to myself) and hope to get a serious case of Stitch A$$.

In light of the coming holiday I want to share something with you ladies. I've been (I apologize in advance for the digression) listening to the book Intervention by Robin Cook (Fabulous book, btw!! So interesting!), and as I've been listening (the subject matter of the book brought this to my mind) I've been reflecting that at times we women can struggle with our own value in the grand scheme of things... we are "just" homemakers, or (and I have caught myself saying this) "just" an f/t administrative assistant and mom. We go about the daily chores of keeping our families cared for and can sometimes lose the significance of the task we have been given amongst the mundaneness of everyday life and chores. And I've been thinking about Jesus choosing - upon His resurrection - to show Himself first (shockingly, for his time) to a woman and what a lovely demonstration that was to us women (aside from the Cross - obviously that is where His love is shown most beautifully to all of human kind) how well we are loved and valued by none other than the Lord. Just food for thought when your daily tasks might seem to be dragging you into obscurity. :)

On that note, I am wishing a beautifully blessed Easter (or, as we call it in my house, Resurrection Day) to all of you that celebrate the holy day. And to those of you that don't, have a spectacular weekend!!

Until next time!!!


Siobhan said...

Great pics with the new lens! Props to your husband for remembering comments about things you'd like. I could rent billboard space and my husband would still go to the jewelry store the day before my bday. ;) Not such a bad thing, but I'd love it if he remembered some of the other things I mentioned!

Have a blessed Easter! Enjoy the Easter egg hunt.

Deb said...

Love the pictures with your new lens. It's always a nice thing when a DH remembers what we've asked for! Mine never does! LOL Have a wonderful Easter.

Berit said...

Wow, how awesome!!!

Maybe it's a good thing I don't own such a camera/lens, because my stitches wouldn't look quite so nice as yours do shown so close. Wow, are yours beautiful!! Plus, that WiP is REALLY coming along! :D

Have a great day off tomorrow! :)

Catherine said...

What a fun new toy! Have fun in DC Saturday! We traveled to Mount Vernon today and traffic was a bear coming home!

Cari-in-VA said...

Siobhan always cracks me up - I love her billboard idea, but I doubt it would work.

Kudos to your dh for remembering.

I pray you and your family have a blessed Easter.

Sherry said...

love your blog, Robin! I am a relatively new follower of blogs and love to read your's. The book sounds intriguing. I am finding so many things on these stitching blogs that I want to read, stitch, sew....have a blessed day tomorrow! Keep up the cool blog! Sherry

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Your dh did well, Robin! I would love to have a "good" camera but I doubt I'd ever really learn to use it. Your pics look great, though! I cannot wait to see pics of sweet Leah and the cherry blossoms! I hope you had a wonderful Easter and a Happy,Happy Birthday (uh, yeah - the card didn't make it into the mail - I suck!).

Looking forward to Memorial Day!!!

Jan said...

I love, love, love what you said about our Resurrection Day. Every word so true.

Have fun with the new camera, a well-deserved gift! And I love your Blessings wip so far, those cats are so neat!!!!