Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Plethora of Stitchy Treats from Jacque & A Progress Pic

Hi all! Well, I know I promised to post a progress pic a couple days ago, but hopefully viewing the below stitchy gift I received from Jacque will make the wait worthwhile...

I arrived home @11pm this evening, braved the horrid wind to go check our mailbox right away... I couldn't wait to get the package from Jacque and I had a hunch it would be there. It was!!! What a wonderful gift! This is far more than I expected or deserve (I almost feel guilty for being the recipient... considering I'm such a newbie blogger)! Make sure you enlarge the image so you can get the full effect of everything in there. It took me a while to get it all set up to take a pic of it all in one shot.

So, many many thanks to you, Jacque!!

And, here is my progress (or lack thereof) pic of the Wheels project I'm working on for my friend Amy's little boy, Paul.

You can see the "imprint" of the little tractor I had to frog... hopefully it won't show up so much when this is mounted and framed. I've decided to backstitch as I go on this one. I think it would be sooo discouraging to be "done" with this, but have to go back and back stitch it.

Nothing else new... I did manage to get an unexpected hour of mommy time this evening. We had a small group (church) meeting at 7 tonight, but Ken wasn't feeling well so he decided to stay home with Leah. I took myself off to Barnes & Noble right after work, and settled in with some yummy food and a few magazines. I was going to look at Stitch mags, but they were all way out of reach - literally - I'm severely vertically challenged, lol!! So, I settled for some gorgeous home mags. Ahhh. The bliss of being able to look through even one magazine without being interrupted. ;) I found a few antiques websites to look thru in the mags. Maybe I'll find something... well, that isn't really in question. Whether I'll be able to afford whatever I find is the real issue here

OK, it's late and I'm babbling. Night night!

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Jacque said... glad it got there timely. As for you not being deserving, think again! ; )